Ty wanted to cry, shout, and make everything possible to go back in time and erase everything he had done. I still cant believe we were almost burned this night she said. I mean I love you, a lot, but weve done mistakes, that maybe wont let us go on. Thanks a lot for your comments and also for reading my FF! Amy Fleming is in the middle of her first European tour for the World Equestrian Games in Europe. Yeah A long story, I imagine is the one you have to tell me Amy remembered. Peter grabbed his jacket then said Honey I have to go somewhere Ill be back soon, Ill tell you when I come back, I just want to see how things work out. Amy smiled at him and took out of a corner of his mouth a little of chocolate he had. The flames from the fireplace gave the room a familiar environment. Why am I acting like this? -What Amy was afraid of her fathers reaction- She was going to get married at the age of eighteen, almost nineteen, there was a big chance of her father over reacting, also, hes mood was quite unpredictable. Ty put his arm around her waist and with the free hand he held Amys chin and kissed her nose. Amy didnt like cooking but she would do it for her sister and her baby. He has missed you a lot, believe me That guy woke me up three times last night, he didnt wanted to sleep, he needed his miracle girl. Why? he modulated those words in his mouth. His eyes filled with anger glanced at his partner, the pierced one. She missed Peter a lot and didnt like the idea of living in different places, but she would never live home. Thats strange He thought. It was one of those decisive moments in life, well, it wasnt decisive because she knew the answer though. Thank you, thank you Why does it have to be so complicated?, Amy smiled Yes, tell that to me and Ty No, not anymore. Oh, thats good Muffins! Amy was riding Spartan through the small forest next to the river. Everybody was laughing about Tys dangerous date, but Ty was nervous. She put her legs over the sofa and put her head over Tys legs. Ty blinked at her and Jack smiled. She was terrified. If we tell them now we wont have to suffer thinking of how we will tell them. Each word they laughed about hurt her. Lou was surprised too. Finally, there was just an hour left to surprise Amy. Owns Hudson Vetinary Clinic. Amy Fleming is a main character in the television series Heartland. Amy realized the negative attitude from both horses and said Hey! (In which there is a Truck, a Kid, and a frozen pond.). He wished so. Love it but I see Lucy as a little kind of danger for Amy please don`t make this a break up really love where this is going but please don`t let Lucy get together with Ty that would just be sad. Its the same kind of gun that Shot you a month ago. Amy, after asking Ty a thousand times where they were going, saw a light and asked him what that was. In special Lou, who was going to plan everything for her sister. Although it was sometimes tiring to work with animals, Amy loved it and enjoyed it. "Hi," she whispered. Automatically, he stopped the car and ran to where the guys were. ***UPDATE*** Please read my "Chapter 15" that is really news that I'm so sad I have to share. Fortunately, his owners were able to live Wonder for some more weeks, they had to be patient if they wanted their horse fixed since all the things Amy had gone through lately, not only bad things but also wonderful. And a lot! Just three seconds needed to break the atmosphere. Yes you were He laughed. I cant believe you just said that You just dont want to be with me. She made the horse follow her to the barn. We have time before the wedding right? Amy looked at Lou. Amy qui tournait en rond depuis le retour du reste de l'quipe cherchait un moyen de s'introduire chez Calders, sursauta en entendant les coups frapps la porte. Mallory ran to the house and two seconds after, all the people at home including Caleb who was working, were helping them. While she headed out of the barn, - trying to get the new horse out her green eyes met Harleys, who was saddled up, standing still, waiting for someone to ride him. What the hecks going on She thought. Amy I almost forgot to tell you, yesterday one of my people found some wild mustangs, seems that two of them where shot, they have serious injuries Do you think you can ask that vet of yours..?. The only thing I want to do is get home and see Spartan!, Ty smiled and laughed. Authors note: Thanks for reading, please tell me what you think about it! She was running, and jumping, she felt free and unstoppable. He also received some, they were professionals in this. It was good for her to hear his voice again since the moment they arrived to Heartland. Peter and Lou had decided to eat something before going to sleep, so when Ty and Amy went inside they found them in the dining table with Jack and Mallory. This will be awesome. She watched Amy running to the barn with her breakfast in a plate she had just gave her. Since then, she had been there alone to see the peaceful atmosphere. She also had a piercing in her navel which was barely visible. Amy was staring at the mirror of the bathroom of her room. Thanks a lot! She said when she thought about it. Lou Fleming Morris - Amy's sister. She was really tired, and had a headache. Whats going on? She asked and crossed her arms like a detective about to find out what the mistery is about. They had a moment of silence. As soon as he walked inside, he saw Lou and his husband sitting with their daughter. Amy was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a mug of coffee and greeted him with a smile. Amy tried to listen what they were saying but it was like if the voices came from somewhere else. Good night. But you need to feel much more than that. After talking with him, she seemed more confident than she did before. Lou carried her daughter tightly in her arms and walked next to Amy with Peter by her side. Ty, not now She got down of Harley from the other side. Amy was walking back to the house after her little incident in the barn, her breathing still fast. please continue writing love the story can`t wait to see how it ends . love it ! Starting now. You can tell me everything you want, but you cant tell me how I feel. My jacket! he shouted as he put his hands on his head. Yes! She had phoned him some days ago, and according to Jack, Lisa was supposed to come back by today. Finally! said Mallory and then remembered the last time she said it to Ty and Amy. Finally, Amy and Ty were together in between Peter and Lisa holding hands sweetly. Amy thought the family had abandoned her for going to Europe and Ahmed is the reason Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - Amy F., Lou F., Ty B. "Amy I Love you soo much and I still want to marry you and have this baby with you, out if all this it's made me love you more" Ty said looking her in the eyes. She couldnt open her eyes. Inheritance of the Heart. Mallory is a fifteen year old girl who had grown up in Heartland since she was twelve, she used to work in the ranch with the horses just as a part of her deal with Jack to stay and go to school there. Amy laid in the white bed and fell asleep. They headed to the truck. Well, thats just the beigining said Tim. It went darker and darker in Amys mind, until the moment she couldnt see at all. Amy saw Ty and tried to clean all the blood from his face. May contain spoilers. You dont know the story behind this ring!. "We need a break, Amy. Suddenly, a white light covered their eyes, and made their sights blurry. The first image that came to her mind was her mother talking to her when she was six years old, she was teaching her how to ride her pony. Suddenly, she heard someone opening the door. Those times in which they didnt talk and just stayed in silence, werent uncomfortable. I let the anger trespass the love. Then realized that she was not that blond, she had light brown hair and her eyes were green, like hes. Season 4, ep 12 "Family Business", goes off-canon before the end of the episode. There was a silence, and then Ty laid in the floor, with his head next to Lucys feet. This was their opportunity to figure out everything what they were gonna do with their relationship and go on. Ty kissed her for last time and took her by the hand to the house. Chapter 1 New Beginning's. It was 7:00 am. this is great your a really great writer. Did he expected me not to be alive? Crossed through Amys mind, but fastly disappeared in her thoughts when he said the following. Amy is a foster child from Vancouver. Is a student at vet university and is a vets assistant for a vet named Scott Cardinal. I brought you breakfast! She said smiling. What was that? Amy wondered. Alexia Fleming and her two sisters, Lou and Amy had just lost their mom in a car accident and really miss her a lot. These ran in circles trying to tell her something she couldnt decipher. Amy couldnt even blink, this was the biggest surprise that someone could have ever give her. Ty was walking to the dude ranch, with his hands in his pockets, after having a good rest and a good bath. The floor started moving. She was full of clothes and pink blankets with flower patterns wrapped around her. He would have the loft to himself now that Ty was staying in the house, and also many changes that Mallory had to inform him. Lucy fell over the fender and her back hit the green grass of the floor. Amy Youre going to be fine She cried as she saw Tys painful eyes. Amy didnt know what to say or think about this. She took Ty by his back and started running as fast as possible. Unexpectedly, they heard a knock in the door. Like when a dehydrated plant receives water. She gave Lou her little daughter, and then sat down next to the rest to the family to hear all about that night. Her question got lost in the cold air. Amy tried to go down of Spartan with Tys help, and so did he with Amys help. He stood up and sat in the sofa next to Amy. Her boyfriend kneeled in front of her and mentioned the traditional and glorious four words. I always have it with me since the day I bought it. Their clothes were full of blood and ashes, their jeans were ripped, her knees were naked, and Tys shirt was almost nothing, just pieces of cloth. We should go to have lunch.. Jack said. He smiled and drove carefully to Heartland. The boy hadnt been sleeping last night thinking about it. Tim said What? She couldnt believe her sister would get married so fast. Her hands started shaking nervously. Hey! Dont tell me, I look like hell he said in a low voice. Unknowingly, as he adjusts to life at the ranch, Ty begins a journey of change, healing, forgiveness, love, and ultimately: catharsis. It was like a nightmare. She giggled. When I do Ill tell ya :)I guess that if I tell you the city where I live you wont know where it is, It is kind of the middle of nowhere ;) Really! When Amy touched Tys arm, all his fellings of anger disappeared in the air like butterflies. I understand she said. Horses. Yes She jumped over him. Tys face was turning violet as he could barely breathe. Well, well, well! What do we have here? Jack said with his western accent. To calm her, Amy said Just..Just wait well get you help. In less than two seconds, he stood up over his back legs and held his front legs upright in the air. Ty kept on driving; he felt the noise closer and closer. But please don`t let lucy get in the way of Amy and Ty that would be so sad if lucy did, this is awesomme i so want to read more!! does any body know what kind of horse Spartan is? Summary: "Amy?" She had put a jean mini skirt and a blue tank shirt that contrasted her green eyes. Amy knows everything there is about a Horse, sh Sequel to book 3 under the same name. He must be in a lot of pressure when he competes, many horses are. Amy made him stop and touched his nose gently. While Badger and Tara are only there for the summer. Tys heart dropped. I want you to tell me everything She laughed. Thoughts came into Amys mind like nightmares, but she didnt remember when she had gone to bed. Tys mouth was covered by smoke, so much that he couldnt breathe too much. You dont know the entire story behind He added. Her eyes light up and her breath speeded up. Wonder, the light brown horse was ready to start with his treatment, but also starving. Tys head got closer to her forehead and kissed her softly. Three men ran to her, but the lady couldnt give up now, not that easy; it was not the time to leave everything she had done and gone through. Everything was so perfect! The following day, Tim was driving on the Highway on his way to Heartland. She didnt know what to say, Amy felt like if she was going to faint right in front of him. One of the horses neighed and moved his head trying to run faster than the others. I was wondering what happened when she just fell and blood was everywhere. We can do it! she screamed. Amy, after sleeping some hours, was working in the round open with Stinky, a new horse. Come, she said and sat next to him in the sofa. There are no maybes said both of them. The day had gone so fast! Thanks buddy Come this way said and took him by his mane. Each one reacted in a different way. please write more its so interesting you are a great writer love your story. Ty, who was also returning, saw Amy in Harley. This thoughts were flashes of the past. Maybe tomorrow well take him for a ride so he can get used at least to gallop. They laughed and kept on walking. Anything can happen between em at this stage. Thats his decision And Im sure Tys gonna do it right Jack added. Blood, lost of blood split in the wooden floor. Thats not the most important thing now. Maybe that could be forever. He glanced at Peter for help. Stinks mane moved wildly in the air. Ty was so nervous that he couldnt stop walking around hes bedroom. Just in time Peter smiled. Amy was so shocked and scared that started crying. She felt a pain in her neck, without knowing if it was because of Ty, the girl or maybe Ty and the girl. And she is really scared; she only wants to see the famous Ty who saved her Jack warned. Those were the words to explain the situation they were in. Ty got out of the truck all bloody and physically hurt, with a hand of his stomach. Tim hurried up a bit and grabbed his cowboy hat before it flew from his head. Ty ran to his classic blue truck. His heart-beat accelerated to double speed. She reacted and opened her eyes. Thats what it was, a miracle. So..?She was afraid of what she might hear. 0. Two of them grabbed her shoulders and took her to the car. She entered to his room and sat in his bed. Hes just faint She thought. She decided to keep her mouth shut since she didnt know what to say. Amys hair blew and covered her eyes; she pulled it back behind her ear. You are very talented and I hope that you write another Fan Fiction.Julie. It was very clear, like it had taken place yesterday. It was almost like her father already knew what she was going to say. Coffee?. Its OK, It isnt your fault, youve done enough work for today, go and get a bath. He said. please keep writing its so so interesting. you could post it here! He lifted his body over the wall with his hand. Is not far from here, I know the right place to talk. Read Part 13 from the story Heartland is where I Belong by darkanglel_28 (darkangle_28) with 434 reads. Not telling each other things broke them apart so Amy figures that's what they need to fix. Mallory couldnt stop thinking about Badger, who had called her a while ago saying that he was already on track to Heartland. Jessica Lou and Peter said at the same time. We will survive she thought. Something was not right, Mallory hadnt even said a word since they started cooking lunch, Amy asked her some questions but Mallory jus answered with Yes or No. Chase and Amy work together in the Ring of Fire mustang-gentling contest. Lou smiled to Jack and said see?. It was a brand new day in Heartland. She couldnt understand why this horse was afraid of running in races, he could run perfectly well there. ShShe needs help He stuttered when he realized all the problems this could bring to him. Because, if the weapon didnt belong to them, do you intuit that the van did, She tried to explain the theory You said that the gun was inside the minivan, right. swollen legs after covid,